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MC H 2400 CNC2 / H 2800 CNC2 / H 3300 CNC2

Electronic quilting machine in continuous feeding
Our evolution in technology throughout twenty years of experience and constant growth where they key for the accomplishment of this new versatile and performing machine. It is able to pass the most severe tests, and it is suitable for small companies as well as industries.


Gruppo Grassi: Quilting Machines H2800 CNC 2

The electronic quilting machines model MC – H2800-CNC2 has 2 or 4 interpolated and independent heads for a feeding in continuous or frame work. This last generation item is able to quilt a huge variety of fabric for mattress, including blankets and all types of covers.The electronic system of interpolated axes, fully controlled by computer programmed with windows software make of it a unique product.

Stretch fabrics, jacquard fabrics, knitted fabrics and ladder-proof ones, silk, cotton, microfiber and bonded leather, polyester lining, memory-foam, polyurethane and overlaid latex can be worked by the machine up to 6 / 7 cm. (Soft fibers can be quilted up to 9 cm thickness).

The lock stitch sewing machines is our own production, while it uses ADLER components for the availability of spare parts. It uses small size needles to avoid softer fabrics being weakened, besides the electronic step by step driving system and pressure foot guarantee a perfect sewing that stays unchanged in time.

The dashboard has a USB key port to be able to upload and download data or file eg. CAD or DXF . The machine is equipped with 2 longitudinal blades, 1 for each axe, both electronic and programmable. The computer can run preset programs for sequential cycles of cutting and for the automatic sharpening of blades. It can also be used just for cutting and to trimming of fabrics and quilts. The loader of the rolls is equipped with 7 supports to ease the change of bobbins and to allow combinations between fabrics and multiple padding. The machine can be optionally arranged with automatic exchange of bobbins and can also be combined with quilt frames and do non-stop multi needles quilt designs.

MC - H2800-CNC2 quilting machine can be equipped with our package plus, AUTOMATIC INTELLIGENT LEARNING, a unique and innovative software for quilting machines. The system is able to scan logos or pictures with a digital camera and a laser pointer, and can reproduce the sewn image through a self-learning route.

The system can also copy images or poster frames, resize the pattern and sew it in any position or even let you do the work by hand for customized works.The machine everyone is dreaming of! It will help you get a great quality and result and will make your business successful.


Technical Details

Electronic Stitch Adjustment 1 to 6 mm
Lubrification Automatic
Maximum Speed 3500 stitches/minute
Supply Power 400 volts 50 Hz
Monitor color touch screen 15" TFT
Working Surface: cm 260x260 Dimensions: mt 3,50x5,10 - h 1,50
Working Surface: cm 280x320 Dimensions: mt 3,70x7,10 - h 1,50
Working Surface: cm 320x480 Dimensions: mt 4,10x8,00 - h 1,50
Power 15 kw
Weight 2700 Kg