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MC H 2400 / H 2800 / H 3300

for mattresses and quilts with speed 3.000 rpm
Electronic single needle quilting machine of last generation able to quilt the most various fabrics for mattresses, bedspreads and quilts. electronic management of all axis interpolated through computer with date base windows. .The electronic system of interpolated axes is fully controlled by computer programmed with windows software.


Gruppo Grassi: Quilting Machine H 2400

Stretch fabrics, jacquard fabrics, knit fabrics and ladder-proof ones, silk, cotton, microfiber and bonded leather, polyester lining, memory-foam, polyurethane and overlaid latex can be worked by the machine up to 6 / 7 cm. (Soft fibers can be quilted up to 9 cm thickness).

The lock stitch sewing head is fully oil soaked and uses small size needles to avoid softer fabrics being weakened or broken, besides the electronic step by step driving system and pressure foot guarantee a perfect sewing that stays unchanged in time… On the control board is present a USB door to exchange data and to set or to file CAD drawings in DXF format. The dashboard has a USB key port to be able to upload and download data or file in CAD or DXF format.


Technical Details

Electronic adjustment of the stitch From 1 to 6 mm
Speed Maximum 3.000 stitch per minute
Color touch-screen Monitor Da 15 pollici TFT
Electronic Detector For thread, needle and looper check