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Multi Needles
Multi needles double chain stitch quilting machine of last generation.


Gruppo Grassi: Quilting Machines Chaintronic III
  • Needle setting: easy access for setting and threading of needles.
  • Roll charger: 2 motor roll chargers allow a correct feeding of the fabric and a fast substitution of bobbins.
  • Presser foot: working width from 5 to 80 mm.
  • Hook setting: easy access, quick setting and tuning hooks.

Also features: Cross and vertical cutter, thread break detector, adjustable slant table, encoder for panels and rolls measurement, edge trimmer device.

Optional: strip cutter with grinder.


Technical Details

Quilting Width Up to 2600 mm
Space between needles 25,4 mm (1")
Number of needle bars 3
Space between needle bars 76,2 mm (3")
Trolley Trip Fino a 356 mm (14")
Quilting Area 360°
Quilting opposite side fino a 406 mm (16")
Stitch Lenght da 3 a 7 mm (passo +/- 0,5)
Material Thickness fino a 80 mm (non compresso)