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Z 2.9 - 500

The "essential" machine for every mattress company


Gruppo Grassi: Cutting Machine Z 2.9

The cutting group is mounted on a sliding driver with bearings to ease the shifting on the working axle and not having to move the spool to cut. It also features an useful adjustable limit switch that can be set on a metric stick letting the cut be extremely reliable and precise.

Driving rollers are coated with high resistance graphite to get a strong friction on the fabric to make it easyly rotate and remarkably improve the quality of the cut.

The clamping lever on the trolley gives the chance to easyly cut fabric spools of reduced dimensions too. “Z2.9 - 500” cutting machine includes 2 pneumatic sharpeners with high speed grinding wheels, working on both sides of the blade to always have a perfect cutting edge. The big size disc grants a long lasting and high quality cut.

  • Sliding cutting group
  • High strength disc D 500
  • Maximum diameter spools cm 30
  • Double pneumatic sharpener
  • Automatic cooled blade


    Technical Details

    Dimensions 320x100x140 cm
    Weight 1140 kg
    Power 3,5 kw
    Supply Power 400V+N+T - 50/60 hz
    Air Pressure 7 bar