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220 MARINE VARIOMATIC roller machine can wrap and vacuum mattresses in different diamteres. Extremely versatile, high performance, thanks to the range of diameter variation it can adapt to every type of mattress on the market.


Gruppo Grassi: Sottovuoto Marine 220

This new technological application, can automatically self-adjust accordingto the height and hardness of the mattress in order to avoid streaks or damages and not stressing sheets, padding and fabrics. The quality of vacuum rolled packaging achieved with 220 MARINE VARIOMATIC will be exremely worthy and fulfill the highest expectations.

This machine can roll up mattresses or partially worked sheets of polyurethane, latex or visco elastic combined in any way, and also bonnell and pocket springs mattresses. The perfection of spiral rolling allows the insertion of posters and labels of different type and size.

220 MARINE VARIOMATIC can replace old roller machines and perfectly fit in already installed system. It can easily integrate automated lines of production.This roller machine can be combined with the filling and boxing machine - model M 223 SL, that cuts tubular polyethylene film bobbins, then measures and seals one side and automatically inserts and places the rolled up mattress into the box without the operator.


Technical Details

Exit diameter from cm 28 to 38 (variabile)
Entry 220 cm
Dimensions mt 3,90x2,10 - h1,70
Supply Power 7 Kw 400 vt 50 hz
Speed 3 cicli min.
Weight 2100 Kg