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M 222 E

This line is conceived to reduce mattresses bulk and consequently pull down transport and logistics cost. This timeless machine is the perfect complement of any type of production.


Gruppo Grassi: Packing Machine M222E

This machine meets the requirements of the most demanding customers and thanks to its high performances and undisputed quality reaches the fore-front of technology market. The innovative technology applied to this packing line, allows customer to take advantage of the several functions of the machinery: traditional packing, vacuum packing, automatic vacuum wrapping.

With automatic line M 222 E you will be able to reach the best performances in terms of quality and production capacity in order to increase your business. High quality of the sealing, top adherence of polyethylene film to highlight your mattresses, completly automatic working cycle. The sealing profiles of last generation are coated with tempcoat, a wonderful anti-adherent material which completely avoids maintenance costs and grants long-lasting performances.

Digital control of temperature together with supply of impulsive tension through static relais combined with high performing engines, allow remarkable energy saving and sensible reduction of managing costs. The machine is run by an innovative industrial computer, provided of Windows operating system as a guarantee of high reliability. Through a 12” colored touch screen monitor, you are able to set all desired functions, to start programs, to export and create files, to save data and to check production.

The general graphic is made of easy and intuitive commands, icons and communication windows. After a short practice you will be completely self-sufficient in handling your new machine. M 222 E is able to store 4 bobbins simultaneously, 2 on top and 2 on bottom part on completely exactable electronic powered trolleys. Thanks to this combination, you can have alternate printed and neutral packaging, increasing production capacity and reducing machine stops. On the front side of the machine there are 4 more supports to lodge additional bobbins for brand stripes or lateral strenghtenings. The machine can also be equipped with several optional like the electric tackle lift to easily load bobbins, or a modem for the remote control in net managing (also wireless), or automatic weighing systems.

All machines are compatible and set up to fit in production lines in continuous or combine with other machinery like inspection desks, piling machines, rolling machines etc.


Technical Details

Production Up to 3 mattresses each minute
MATTRESSES SIZES Standard from 60x170 cm to 200x200 cm
POLYETHYLENE FILM THICKNESS Standard from 50 microns to 150 microns
WAY-OUT DIAMETER 28,30,33,35,38,40 cm (a richiesta)
Dimensions 800x400x270 cm
Weight 5900 Kg
Power 15 Kw
Power Supply 400 v+n+t-50/60 hz
Air Pressure 7 bar