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M 220 PLUS

Special machine to reduce the bulk of mattresses and pull down logistics and transport costs. This ageless and everlasting item, perfectly integrates every production line.


Gruppo Grassi: Vacuum Lines M220E

Thanks to its great power installed of 90 tons, M220 PLUS is able to press and to roll up all types of mattresses that are currently produced. It ranges from polyurethane to latex, visco, memory-foam, pocket and bonnell springs. There are no limits, and no boundaries to your search of progress. The vacuum-packing process is done in two phases, pressing and rolling up. It helps keep the original quality of the mattress as it doesn't damage the cells and doesn't weaken fibers whatsoever.

Posters and customized labels can be inserted in bags ,and they perfectly adhere during the vacuum and roll up process giving the package a very nice look too. M 220 PLUS is a one of our "best sellers" and has been recently updated with many new functions and accessories like: roller machine with fixed or adjustable diameter, automatic feeders to load mattresses, filling and cutter machine, modem for net remote assistance (also wireless).

The machine includes a 2 level hydraulic pump for fast ascent and descent , heat exchanger with intercooler, multifunctional static sealing bar to be used in line to seal wrapping bags for pillows, quilts and/or covers. Performance, easiness and high quality, are the main characteristics of M 220 PLUS M 220 PLUS making it an unmatched protagonist of the market.All machines are compatible and set up to fit in production lines in continuous or combine with other machinery for example conveyors and so on.


Technic Detail

Production Up to 3 mattresses each minute (80x190x24 cm with polyethylene film of 80 microns)
mattresses sizes Standard max 200x220 cm
POLYETHYLENE FILM THICKNESS Standard from 50 micron to 150 micron
way-out diameter 25, 30, 33, 35, 38, 40 cm (upon request)
hydraulic pressure 200 bar (90 Ton)
Dimensions 500x300x270 cm
WEIGHT 5200 Kg
Power 15 Kw
Supply Power 400V+N+T - 50/60 hz
Air Pressure 7 bar