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Hot Melt Durablue

Hot-Melt DuraBlue glue systems of next generation meet every customer requirement in the application of glue on mattresses and quilts.


Hotmelt Fusore Durablue

The hot-melt glue does not smell, and grants an excellent gluing due to high melting temperature. Pipe and pistol are a single piece. The dispenser can be spray or tang (single nozzle). It can simply be connected to the applicator and be powered through the enclosed electric cable . Each single machine can supply two separate pistols.

The wide selection of pistols and melters meet any production requirement, either manual or semiautomatic. Pipes are available in different lengths, according to each specific production requirement. DuraBlue applicators have 1 speed AC engine with epicycloidal gear pumps. Istallation, use and maintenance are easy and fast to do. They are equipped with an automatic on/off timer and digital temperature check.

DURABLUE Application system:
  • Supplied in a single pack
  • Easy to install
  • Easy daily use
  • Quick Maintainance

Pistol types:
  • Manual pistol AD - 31
  • Manual pistol AD - 31 (Tang or spiral application)
  • B 900-N Pistol foot operated (Tang or Spiral applications)
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    Technical details

    System type Fuel tank with epicycloid pump
    Fuel tank capacity 4 to 10 Litres
    Supply power 200-240 VAC single phase 50/60 Hz 3355 Watts – 3.4 kW
    Applicator weight 42 Kg

    Applicator sizes

    Width 334 mm
    Height 478 mm
    Depth 552 mm