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z1 - Me

Ergonomic, reliable and extremely versatile in its natural way of use, the new desk tape edge machine Z1-ME wears up a new technology but still keeps the character that made it well know and successful in the market.


Gruppo Grassi: Tape Edge Machine Z1 ME

Today this machine is offered in 2 versions:

1 Chain stitching with triple transport and stitching speed of 3000 tacks with continuous thread

2 knot stitching of 2800 tacks enriched by an increased crochet for a longer duration of the spool.

Z1-ME Tape Edge Machine is equipped with 2 independent engines for the trolley and the stitching machine. They are both driven by an inverter in order to perfectly synchronize the motion with the stitching machine. This allows to settle in real time without any mechanical operation the length and the speed of the stitching (straight or angle), particularly suitable for stretch and knit fabrics.

With the new commands “start/stop” it is possible to customize several functions of the tape edge machine, for example you can settle the acceleration/deceleration ramp of the stitching machine and the trolley or the static position of needle and pressure foot.

Z1-ME Tape Edge Machine will be equipped of operating platform and lumbar support, as well as electric regulation, inclination of stitching head, pneumatic command to settle pressure foot with pedal command and a useful tool box..


Technical Details

Working Surface 90x200 cm; 140x200 cm; 160x200 cm
POWER 1,5 Kw
SUPPLY POWER 400 V + N + T - 50/60 hz