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GS 899 Evolution

The evolution of technology grows up in time and our twenty-year experience in the field helped us create this versatile and productive machine able to get through the most demanding tests, suitable for small production or big industry.


The sewing-heads directly transformed in our laboratories are extremely strong and reliable, coming from the leather working industry, they are suitable for very heavy quilted materials. The sewing machines are certified and tested one by one, with a full check up before delivery.. Triple transport machine can be assembled with double chain stitch 3.000 turns, or with classic knotted stitch. Each machine features a soft/start control with automatic high needle positioning and automatic pedal release, the pedal lifting is electronic. We can supply sewing machine of any brand, on request. Every machine is supplied with accessory kit and spare-parts set.

GS 899 EVOLUTION tape edge machine represents the maximum expression in the mattresses border field. The easy handle of the machine allows to train workers in a very short period considerably reducing the costs of specialized manpower.

The ergonomic and functional workstation, is particularly strong and reliable. The spring seat has three levels of height adjustment, as well as the back and the lumbar position. The pedal control can also be adjusted as needed. A useful compartment for tools (like: pins, needles, scissors and so on) is also available . The conveyor belt is a motorized high resistance PVC tape “TRACHINE PLUG” with electronic speed variation controlled by an inverter. The mattress rotation is run by TANG system with ball drive chucks, that help manage with extreme precision the bending radius. The capsize system at the exit of the tape edge machine, extremely fast and reliable is suitable for last generation mattresses such as visco-elastic, latex and pocket springs.

All machines are compatible and set up to fit in production lines in continuous or combine with vertical warehouses, conveyors, stackers and so on.


Technical Details

Dimensions 2,70x5,50x1,50 cm
SEWING MAXIMUM SPEED 3000 stitch per minute
Weight 1560 Kg
Power 6 Kw
Supply Power 400 v+n+t - 50/60 hz
Air Pressure 7 bar