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Z 4

It is the essential machine for who wishes to enrich own borders with fabric handles.


Z4 is made up with a 12 needles self lubricating sewing head double chain stitch. It produces in continuous handles of several width, thickness and typology. We can supply our own production binders according to the handle type you like to have.

The machine can be supplied in the standard version or with several accessories, such as automatic electronic cutter device, roller up device, broken thread, needle / crochet detectors and end fabric material detectors, in addition we can supply a new KIT for the automatic application of custom tapes right on the handle.
The machine features a housing to load up to 4 different types of fabric and a tension device for stretch and 3D fabrics.,


Technical Details

Sewn 12 needles double chain stitch with puller
External needles working surface 7 cm
Dimensions mt 1,70x2,00 - h 1,50
Supply Power 1,5 kw 400 vt 50 hz
Speed 5 mt/min
Weight 150 kg